[fpc-pascal]Serial Port Programming under LINUX...

Rainer Hantsch rainer at hantsch.co.at
Thu Apr 25 11:24:28 CEST 2002

Hello, all!

I do really hope that there is somebody here who has real EXPERIENCE with
programming serial communications in FPC and for Linux. - I am totally unhappy
because I find no WORKING solution for this. Please, if you can help, leave me
a message. -- THANKS!

What I had in the past:
When I was programming in TP/BP for DOS, I used the FOSSIL/X00 TSR-driver to
communicate with serial devices. This TSR driver did all low level stuff
for me, including a ring buffer, handshaking (both, XON/XOFF and/or RTS/CTS),
..., so I only had to write a relatively simple unit, to make "Fossil" more
user friendly.
With this simple task I had the possibility to send/receive _buffered_,
flush/purge the buffer contents, rise/lower DTR, ask if chars were received
_without_ actually reading them in,... -- EXCELLENT.

What I am looking for:
Since my change to Linux and FreePascal, I am really unhappy because there
seems to be nothing similar available here. Well, There are some units 
available for FPC, but most of them are for DOS or WIN32. The only one which
appears to be very useful, is OBJCOM. 
But this unit has an unacceptable BUG inside: It stops any further
communication when the DCD is dropped by the modem when the connection
breaks. It seems that this causes a total loss of the internal file handle!
Sadly to say, but it appears as if nobody is working on this ObjCOM any
longer, including M.Kiesel who contributed ObjCom, so this appears to be a
dead end...

If somebody has a unit which works with FOSSIL (DOS), WIN32 *AND* LINUX and
gives me an acceptable control to the data communication, I will be happy to
know about that, even if this is a commercial unit.

Thanks in advance,


  Ing. Rainer Hantsch

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