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Thu Apr 18 10:41:45 CEST 2002

Quoting Christophe <cespern at free.fr>:

> About our discussion about Sablopas I'm happy to mention the fact that
> it now compiles dynamically with FPC under Linux. I must use the -k switch
> with providing the full filename because {$LINKLIB sablot} fails but
> everything is fine. 

Have you tried using the named 'external' directive? This is the one I tend to 
go for because it makes you explicitly define which library you mean.


 rather than {$linklib whatever} you can use:

 {both link to lib 'whatever'}
 procedure myroutine(param1: pointer); cdecl; external 'whatever';
 function myroutine2: integer; cdecl; external 'whatever';

 {links to lib 'alternate'}
 function myotherroutine(value: integer): boolean; cdecl; external 'alternate';

I found this method to work a whole lot more reliably than the linklib compiler 
directive in 1.00 and have used it ever since. I also come from a Delphi 
background where the named external directive is the normal way of working.

Hope that helps,



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