About Licenses - Was : Re: [fpc-pascal]QT libs

Christophe cespern at free.fr
Thu Apr 18 09:54:08 CEST 2002

Hello Michael,

>Basically, all RTL sources refer to a file COPYING.FPC. This file states
>that the RTL Files are under LGPL license as described in COPYING (this
>is simply the LGPL) with the exception that the RTL can be linked to
>commercial apps or libs.

It's a really nice choice. Compiler licenses are very important to promote a

About our discussion about Sablopas I'm happy to mention the fact that it
now compiles dynamically with FPC under Linux. I must use the -k switch with
providing the full filename because {$LINKLIB sablot} fails but everything
is fine. The demo is now 200K and the Kylix one 164Ko. I will provide soon
the 0.5.1 in a tarball.

Thanks for your tip. I've got all the so files but it makes me re-check in
the doc all the conditions need for linking a lib. That's where I've tried
again the k switch.

A small question : How can I do to declare "sablot" and use {$LINKLIB
sablot} as I'm doing {$LINKLIB expat} ?



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