[fpc-pascal]m68k and PPC development

Ramon Bosque ramon.bosque at qi.ub.es
Wed Oct 10 16:53:05 CEST 2001

El Mie 10 Oct 2001 12:33, escribiste:

> On woensdag, oktober 10, 2001, at 11:26 , Brad Campbell wrote:
> >> Have a look at Pascal Central (http://pascal-central.com).. they had a
> >> whole
> >> page on porting Free Pascal to the PPC at one point. Maybe someone
> >> else will
> >> step in here too ;-)
> >
> > I will do just that..
> They don't have very current information. They do have information about
> a list you can subscribe to (in which I am as well), but there's not
> very much traffic on it.

Hello Jonas

So, is there any progress with the MacOS port of Free Pascal? Are there any 
plans about when a beta version will be available? Will the version from the 
people in Pascal Central be merged with the main branch of the compiler?


Ramon Bosque

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