[fpc-pascal]m68k and PPC development

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Wed Oct 10 12:33:50 CEST 2001

On woensdag, oktober 10, 2001, at 11:26 , Brad Campbell wrote:

>> Have a look at Pascal Central (http://pascal-central.com).. they had a 
>> whole
>> page on porting Free Pascal to the PPC at one point. Maybe someone 
>> else will
>> step in here too ;-)
> I will do just that..

They don't have very current information. They do have information about 
a list you can subscribe to (in which I am as well), but there's not 
very much traffic on it.

The problem with an 68k Mac version of the compiler, is that the 
register usage in the compiler conflicts with what the Mac 68k ABI 
specifies and it's all hard coded in 1.0.x. I think the 68k linux 
versino of the compiler is usable.

The problem with all PowerPC verinos of the compiler, is that there 
isn't any yet :) I've been working quite a bit on it lately and large 
parts of 1.1 have been made processor independent already (and some 
PowerPC support is already in place), but it still needs a lot of work. 
The most productive you can do currently, is probably testing the RTL 
helpers I've written until now (in rtl/powerpc of the main branch 
compiler, you can download those RTL sources from the development page 
of the website).


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