[fpc-pascal]fpc pascal still alive?

Lee, John LeeJ at logica.com
Fri Nov 30 13:11:23 CET 2001

It eg the v1.0.5 snapshots are a lot better now & changes hace certainly
been made to del.phi compat & ide since Jan! It'd be good if you'd retry now
& let us know the errors you find eg delphi compatibility, IDE errs, so we
can be sure that the release when it comes is as good as possible...But of
course it's up to you... J

Subject: Re: [fpc-pascal]fpc pascal still alive?

"Lee, John" a écrit :
> We don't zip everything into one big file for snapshots, but you can get
> The snapshot files contain everything that's in a release...
> (they are produced by the same make process.

so i wont be too difficult for fpc-team to make an official release.<g>
> IMO the snapshots are worth trying, especially if there are specific
> things in v1.0.4 that don't work for you...

i tried a little this version last january.
not enough delphi syntax compatibility, crash in ide
and needed room on my hard disk.
i should have a new computer in two months so i think i will
wait to save 2 hours of download and reinstallation.
i will play with D6 personal for the moment.

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