[fpc-pascal]PDA and Linux communication

jordi jovy at wanadoo.es
Tue Nov 27 17:10:43 CET 2001

Can someone help me?.
I'm trying to write a program that communicates with a Casio PDA.
I have troubles with long commands which are sent in several
packets. For example : when receive the link packet "calling up"
-18303030303030- (7 bytes) no problem, but when receive the
command packet "for negotiation" in this several packets
-0130313043383131- (8 bytes)
-3031303030323031- (8 bytes)
-353341- (3 bytes) how can i know that I've received the full packet
and the communication is stopped waiting for an answer?, i want to
receive the full packet before process it, is that possible or I have to

control it byte by byte?



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