[fpc-pascal]New GDB version 5.1 available

Pierre Muller muller at cerbere.u-strasbg.fr
Thu Nov 22 09:38:19 CET 2001

   This is just to inform people that
GDB 5.1 was released.


   Extract of the annoucement of particular interest for gpc and fpc-pascal 
mailing lists :


		What has changed in GDB?

*** Changes in GDB 5.1:


* Support for debugging Pascal programs.

GDB now includes support for debugging Pascal programs.  The following
main features are supported:

     - Pascal-specific data types such as sets;

     - automatic recognition of Pascal sources based on file-name

     - Pascal-style display of data types, variables, and functions;

     - a Pascal expression parser.

However, some important features are not yet supported.

     - Pascal string operations are not supported at all;

     - there are some problems with boolean types;

     - Pascal type hexadecimal constants are not supported
       because they conflict with the internal variables format;

     - support for Pascal objects and classes is not full yet;

     - unlike Pascal, GDB is case-sensitive for symbol names.


   The pascal language support is essentially my work,
but it is still far from complete and far from perfect.

   One of the latest patch applied should allow to get a nice representation
of GPC strings.

   Please don't hesitate to report problems about
pascal support ....

Two reminders:

  -- if you really can't do what you used to do anymore with GDB,
try simply to set the language to C with
(gdb) set langugage c
and try again if it works better.

Don't forget that if you are in pascal language, pascal syntax must be used:

so to change the value of a variable 'x' in the program,
you will need to use
(gdb) set x := 5
instead of
(gdb) set x = 5
for older GDB version.

In the hope that these changes will be useful for the pascal community.

Pierre Muller
Institut Charles Sadron
6,rue Boussingault
mailto:muller at ics.u-strasbg.fr
Phone : (33)-3-88-41-40-07  Fax : (33)-3-88-41-40-99

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