[fpc-pascal]Unit graph & Linux

Andreas K. Foerster AKFoerster at nikocity.de
Sun Mar 18 14:43:58 CET 2001

friedrich hattendorf wrote:

> I have already managed to change the sources, that it runs under Linux
> (kernel 2.4; SuSE  7.1; no major changes) .
> But: I need to be root, to start compiled files, thus I get the message
>         svgalib: Cannot get I/O permissions.

Don't you know about the setuid-bit?

Do the following as root:
chown root <prog>
chmod u+s <prog>
(Put in the name of the program instead of "<prog>")
The program can then be run by any user.

> The library ist designed for  teaching basics of OOP.

Where can I get it?

> Pinguine können nicht fliegen. Wer nicht fliegt, stürzt auch nicht ab.

A Linux-machine is like a wigwam:
no windows, no gates, and an apache inside.

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