[fpc-pascal]UNCGI issues

Fernando Lozano fsl at centroin.com.br
Mon Jun 18 13:17:13 CEST 2001

Hi Matt,

>    I've been using UNCGI to develop some cool little CGI apps lately and I have
> run across only one problem.  Namely, the fact that get_value will not return
> anything longer than 255 chars.  I've tried putting it into a pchar and into a
> ansistring with no luck.  Please help with a solution.  I will modify the uncgi
> code if required.. but i need to know what direction to take in doing so.

I guess this is because (Turbo) Pascal Strings cannot be longer than 255
chars. So you should change the source of uncgi to use pchar or
ansistrings for all string manipulations. It is not enough to convert to
a pchar or ansistring at the end, because if anywhere you get a standard
string the result will be truncated to 255 chars.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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