[fpc-pascal]More BeOS fun..

Full_Name memsom at post.interalpha.co.uk
Fri Jun 15 15:28:09 CEST 2001

I just got FPC to link against a C shared object that I created natively on 
BeOS. This is pretty amazing as it worked FIRST TIME!! (lol)

Just to share the info..

Created a simple Shared Object in the BeIDE.. consisted of the following:

/* begin libtest.c */

#define BUILDING_LIB 1
#include "libtest.h"

int TestFunc(void)
  return 20; //nominal value.. could be anything..

/* end libtest.c */

/* begin libtest.h */

//conditional defines for building shared object/header
//I borrowed this from a tutorial on the 'net..

#define UGLY_IMPEXP     __declspec(dllexport)
#define UGLY_IMPEXP     __declspec(dllimport)

//the function..

int UGLY_IMPEXP TestFunc(void);

/* end libtest.h */

Then I wrote an import unit:

{* begin import unit *}

unit libtest;


function TestFunc: integer; external 'libtest.so';



{* end import unit *}

Then a little test proggy:

{* begin test proggy *}

program testlib; {original name I know ;) }


  if TestFunc = 20 then writeln('It works')
  else writeln('who knows?!?!');

{* end test proggy *}

Compile with the folowing script:

(UNIT_PATH = path to the compiled units, eg './units/beos')

ppc386 -Cn -FuUNIT_PATH testlib.pas

gcc UNIT_PATH/sysbeos.o UNIT_PATH/prt0.o libtest.so testlib.o -otestlib


Does anybody have any ideas on how to take GCC out of the loop?? I'm guessing 
that there must be a way... either that or I'll symlink GCC into a nicer 
looking form ;)

I'm going to look into writing a *very* simple flattened API a-la Kylix/QT for 
BeOS in the next few weeks. (always loved BeOS ;).. I'm looking into finding a 
simple shared library that implements a well thought out and simple to 
use 'revised' BeOS GUI Wrapper. If anyone knows of one.. please let me know. I 
just want something that will avoid all the additional gumpf that BeOS needs to 
be done behind the scenes (simple forms, buttons, text/edit boxes, checks, 
combos etc.. nothing too fancy.) Probably end up learning the BeOS API though!!
I'll wait for FPC to link against C++ Shared Libraries before I do anything 
spectacular ;)

Please feedback..


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