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Well.. if you don't mind throwing security out the door you could always use a NFS share to put the file to fax on the server then run a remsh command to run the fax command on the server.  If you really want to use FPC in this you could write a nice little wrapper for it using GTK or something.  

That would be your easiest solution short of building your own client/server system to interface with the fax server.

Hope that helps a little,

In a message dated Wed, 13 Jun 2001  5:46:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Rainer Hantsch <rainer at hantsch.co.at> writes:

<< Hello, everybody!

I do not know if somebody already has / or knows a unit which allows me to
talk easily to a HYLAFAX server (on a different machine). -- From a
Linux-Client, of course.

My problem is that I have one Linux machine which runs HylaFAX. This machine
seems to have a special "sendfax", located in "/usr/bin/", which is a CLIENT
tool. With it, I can launch a FAX job like: "sendfax -d 1234567 filename".

Well, if I install the "sendfax" package on another machine (without hylafax,
because I have no modem there), I get installed only a "sendfax" in
"/usr/sbin/", which is surely a daemon/driver, but no client tool. 

Maybe there is an easier way than talking directly from FPC to a hylafax
server, but I have currently absolutely no idea how to send a FAX-JOB from a
linux-client to my hylafax server for transmission. (I need either a command
line based solution, which I can access by opening a pipe to it, or some kind
of direct implementation into my FPC application.)

Please, leave me your suggestions. I stuck.

Thanks in advance,

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