[fpc-pascal]"select" is behaving strangely ...

Michael Vogel icarus at dabo.de
Fri Jun 8 23:22:47 CEST 2001


Thank to this mailinglist I got to know the "select"-function, that helped me 
very much in creating a test application.

But ... (there's always a "but" in life I guess) ;-)

It's working with HTTP but POP3 and NNTP are making problems.

Enclosed you will find my testprogram that makes a connection to a computer 
named "zhad" on port 110.

Everything seems to work, but when I try to fetch a message mith RETR, the 
last lines aren't fetched, select is telling me, there were no more lines to 
fetch. :-(

Same happens with NNTP. When I display a list of all newsgroups, all messages 
in one newsgroup or a single message, the last 130-100 bytes aren't fetched. 

Since this is happening with different programs, I guess it's not depending 
on the NNTP-daemon or POP3-daemon.

I'm working with the 1.0.5 on a linux kernel 2.2.13

Maybe it's a problem in FPC or the linux-unit, maybe the kernel?

Is there a workaround I can take?

BTW: When I'm manually fetching the lines (When I don't care about the things 
"select" is telling me), the program is fetching the left lines. But since I 
then cannot be sure about the last line to fetch, this is no real workaround 
... :-(

I hope someone can help me ...



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