[fpc-pascal]Text output oddities with W2k

Thomas Schatzl tom_at_work at yline.com
Fri Jun 8 18:41:17 CEST 2001


> > > What buggers me most is that only FPC programs show that behaviour.
> > > console mode programs compiled in any other language I tried (java,
> > > Delphi) don't show similar behaviour at all. Disabling graphics
> > > acceleration doesn't change a thing either.
> >
> > This happends also with only writeln() used in your program? And what
about go32v2
> > compiled programs?

Here's a sample program:

 i : Integer;

 for i := 0 to 100 do
  writeln('Hello ', i);

--- guess that one is simple enough. Just compile and run it a few times and
you'll notice. Btw, I think it's connected to the crt unit because when it's
not used it seems to work (quick tests show that at least; FPC 1.1 from

Go32V2 programs are fine as far as I can tell. But don't count on that too
much since it has been a while since I last did any serious go32v2
programming. The go32v2 IDE from the 1.0.4 release doesn't show text output
related problems.

> I've seen this too, but only with certain builds, and not always The
> 1.0.4 win32 release doesn't seem to suffer from this.

I am not downloading and trying 'new' 1.0.4 releases just for fun of it. The
version number at freepascal.org still shows 1.0.4 afair so I don't see a
reason to upgrade - I have the one from 2000/12/30 btw.
I am usually using 1.1 snapshots - only if something doesn't work I get a
new snapshot which usually fixes the problem anyway (usually some internal
error at compile time).
But I am certain that I can not remember any 1.1 snapshot which handles W2k
text output correctly. And today I tested with 1.0.4 too and finally
reported it.
[A certain graphics card manufacturer "convinced" me somewhat to only update
if something really doesn't work and not always getting the latest stuff -
'cause reinstalling OSes takes a lot of time :)]


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