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Tue Jul 31 18:16:54 CEST 2001

Quoting Michael Van Canneyt <michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be>:

> This is not the case;  the problem is that no-one of the core developers
> has BeOS installed; it's hard to work on a BeOS port then.

I've already offered to burn you all a copy of BeOS R5 PE and include all of 
the additional tools that you'll need on the CDR. I'll do it for the cost of 
postage.. about £1.

> Currently carl is also working on a m68k port; The compiler and the IDE
> run on a m68k-linux box; I suspect that when that is finished, the POSIX
> (and hence BeOS) port will be continued.

Fair enough, but it still seems to be on the 'back burner'. I'm trying to get 
something concrete done. It would be nice for Carl to reply to the email I sent 
him however, even if it's a 'I'll get back to you'.

I'll take another look at the FPC source this weekend. I don't want to waste 
too much time on it at the moment, because I'm more interested in getting the 
BeCL, stage 1 working.

> Many members of the core team have day-time jobs; FPC is worked on
> whenever possible, so patience please...

I work a 40 hour week, have a pregnant wife, and 2 cats to feed. Believe me, I 
have little time myself.



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