[fpc-pascal]is this standard IO or not ?

Martin martinitram at t-online.de
Sat Jul 28 12:37:56 CEST 2001


i have some problems with the standard io from fpc. please take a look at the following exampls:

after the compilation of the classic "hello world" program i will start it with "hello_world" and the output is "hello world".
if i enter "hello_world | grep hello" the output is "hello world".
if i connect the "hello world" program with the inetd on the free user port 12345 and restart the inetd i test the following:

>telnet localhost 12345

the output of the "hello world" program will be "hello world" over the inetd.

but if i connect from an remote machine to my computer on port 12345 with telnet then only the connection was made successfully but NO OUTPUT of the "hello world" program will occur and the connection will be terminated after seconds.

why will this run on the local machine in the shell and with telnet to localhost but not from another machine from internet ? 
what's this ??? is this standard IO or not ???

do you have some hints for me ?

best regards 


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