[fpc-pascal]executing different gtk applications from FPC

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Fri Jul 20 10:57:51 CEST 2001

> of the program. While multiple threads are running it works fine due to some
> precautions (e.g. no use of ansistrings, classes). But during the program
> exit (care was taken that no thread is active at that time) after the last
> instruction of the pascal main program it hogs the cpu for a few seconds and
> then exits without executing the used units' finalization procedures.
> According to gdb the program triggers a SIGSEGV somewhere - but no error /
> exception message is written to the console (e.g. the error handlers are not
> called; no messagebox from Windoze popping up), the program simply exits at
> the point the segfault occurs.
> Both threads have been tested to work fine when run seperate. All access to
> shared global variables is protected by critical sections (using Win32
> native calls of course). Likely still some ansistring stuff is used since it
> requires parts of the sysutils unit.
> FYI, it's a simple telnet client w/o terminal emulation (otoh it's only 7k
> in source) for demonstration purposes.

Could you send me the code in private then? I'll hobby a bit around with it.

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