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Kanzelsberger Pavel kanzelsberger at rekt.umb.sk
Tue Jul 17 09:22:14 CEST 2001


I'm planning to develop something like DLL support for GO32V2 platform and I
can't any decent documentation of these EXE files, can someone point me to
website where can I find their structure and some additional information?

Anyway what has to be done to load EXE and find entry point? I know that I
have to rellocate memory addresses and so on...

As far I remember there was something like this for TMT pascal, if someone
already played with it and/or ported it to FPC please let me know :)

Thanks, Pavel Kanzelsberger

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Please, can someone help me?
In a Free Pascal program and using GTK, I do the next when push a help
button : exec ('/usr/bin/gnome-help-browser', 'man:manual_page'); but the
program freezes until I close the help. The question is : how can I execute
different gtk applications from Free Pascal in a absolute independant way?.
Perhaps with FORK and WAITPID but I don't know how.  Thanks.



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