[Re: [fpc-pascal]SVGALib+Keyboard, help plz!]

Vit Kavan vit.kavan at usa.net
Wed Jul 4 12:10:44 CEST 2001

>Seriously, check the keyboard routines of the IDE. (keyboard.pp either in
>the API, or in the rtl/linux or rtl/unix directory).

Thanks, I'll check it.

>These implement lowlevel console based keyboard routines. If it doesn't
>work, you have to find a solution inside svgalib. (does it come with
>keyboard functions?)

The FPC port from "packages" doesn't contain it, but I've rewritten the header
files for keyboard part, it looks like working (all functions return
"success", but the handler is never called.

               Vit Kavan

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