[fpc-pascal]SVGALib+Keyboard, help plz!

Matti Hamalainen mhamalai at ratol.fi
Wed Jul 4 11:39:50 CEST 2001

On 4 Jul 2001, Vit Kavan wrote:

> has anyone a working example of SVGALib keyboard handler? Gfx stuff works
> well, but I cannot make that keyb working.
> Or any tip how to handle keyboard (KeyUp/KeyDown way) without X.

First of all, what version of SVGAlib you have?
If it's old, you're better off to upgrade it to latest
version (If I remember right, 1.4.3 is the latest stable).

Anyway, I would recommend using SDL or GGI (even as a SVGAlib wrapper),
SVGAlib is a quirky little bugger, that does not work properly
in many situations. And it's buggy too + requires SUID root.

> PS.: ...under Linux of course....

Marco already pointed out the FreeBSD-thing ;)

Yes, there are some keyboard handling routines in SVGAlib.

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