[fpc-pascal]Cursor-Procedures in Assembler

Ralf Quint ralf at aztechvision.net
Thu Jan 18 19:49:51 CET 2001

At 06:05 PM 01/18/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>At 23:31 17.01.01 +0100, you wrote:
>>Little Question:
>>Can someone translate me these TP procedures to run with FreePascal? I
>>don't really know anything about Assembler... Thanx alot!
>Maybe you should have a look at the docs of the crt unit.
>The crt unit contains excatly these procedures so you
>don't need to translate them.
>>Procedure CursorOff; ASSEMBLER;
>>Procedure CursorOn; ASSEMBLER;
Sorry, Florian, but you are mistaken here. The routines in your CRT unit (i 
just check the GO32V2 one) are NOT exactly what i had posted.
The routines you have in the RTL are changing the look of the cursor to 
make them invisible and to "recreate" the cursor display.
The routines that i have posted are turning the cursor off and back on to 
the original state! This is quite a difference. Maybe you should adapt the 
RTL routines to what i had posted ;-)))


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