Brad Campbell brad at seme.com.au
Thu Jan 11 04:12:19 CET 2001

Andrey Kubyshev wrote:
> Hello boci,
 yes, its possible but it will not be really "stable server" i write
> simplest http server .. it works good but maybe for example on 5000th thread
> it crashes (i use pthread coz native thread is not good for that)
> --
> Best regards,
> Kubyshev Andrey                            mailto:email at vtc.ru

Having written several "Servers" used on a daily basis with FPC, I believe the
problems you have are related to your use of Threads.. If you write a server based
on either select() or fork() I believe you will not have this problem.
Please stop telling people FPC is no good for writing servers.. You are wrong..
It may, however, be unsuitable for writing multi-threaded applications at the moment
due to the non-reentrancy of the fcl.. (and rtl?) ..

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