Andrey Kubyshev email at vtc.ru
Thu Jan 11 00:20:55 CET 2001

Hello boci,

boci> So.
boci> I want to write a server (associated to a port) on the basic packages.
boci> It's possible?
boci> I see the documentation, and I found a socket library. In the documentation 
boci> have an example, how to write an unix domain socket. I want to write an 
boci> internet socket, but I didn't find Accept and other function, where the 
boci> parameter is the port. I found only the fcl library, but I want to use a 
yes, its possible but it will not be really "stable server" i write
simplest http server .. it works good but maybe for example on 5000th thread
it crashes (i use pthread coz native thread is not good for that)

Best regards,
Kubyshev Andrey                            mailto:email at vtc.ru

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