[fpc-pascal]Error messages again

Kuba Ober winnie at hoth.amu.edu.pl
Wed Jan 10 16:23:24 CET 2001

> > > Haven't you forgotten to close the stderr file after writing to it ?
> I have installed an exit handler,too.There is the stderr closed. The exit
> handler was correctly called when the error occurs but the file is still 0
> byte.
> > Seems that the message was being written to stdout and not stderr... Make
> > sure that it indeed goes to stderr.
> The message is apears on screen.I thought the lines above redirect it to
> stderr.

Well, what I mean is that you should make sure that whatever code writes the 
message, it writes it to stderr. The code redirects stderr to the file, but 
if you write the message to stdout it won't help much, right?


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