[fpc-pascal]chdir problem? -- 2nd request

Kuba Ober winnie at hoth.amu.edu.pl
Fri Jan 5 17:32:02 CET 2001

On Friday 22 December 2000 10:07 am, you wrote:
> > No, it's how win32 (and also linux) works.
> Really?! So there is no way to do a "permanent" chdir in Win32? Somehow
> that doesn't seem likely -- even M$ can't be that screwed up. And Linux
> too??

Well, in a multiprocessing enviornment there's no permanent dir as all 
processes run separate. When you change dir for one process, it cannot affect 
others as it would (think about it) wreak havoc with all others.

How process A which forked process B should know that process B's chdir's 
should affect it as well? Keep in mind that in Linux and Win32 to certain 
extent, processes have parent-child relationships, and in Linux the ultimate 
parent is init. You wouldn't want your chdir to change init's wd, do you?

It's not a brokennes, it's a feature. DOS is broken in this respect, pal.


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