[fpc-pascal]Thread + Inet

Roderick van Domburg gog at gamepoint.net
Thu Jan 4 23:14:19 CET 2001

> > --[cut]--
> > There is a very basic implementation of the TThread class available in the
> > FCL. Maybe it's enough for your program to run the socket functions with.
> > But be carefull with other things as the RTL itself isn't multithreaded
> > aware yet.
> And neither are syscalls. So even if you try to use the unit Unix/Linux
> directly, it won't work.

Just a brainwave -- how about forking and using interprocess signals? I
guess you couldn't send a lot of data back and forth between the
instances, so you would need to come up with a way to publish addresses to
unprotected memory areas. Too far fetched?

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