[fpc-pascal]Thread + Inet

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Jan 4 22:41:23 CET 2001

> >I have a little problem. I want to write a multithreaded server.
> >So I create a server socket (So I try, but I not found some
> >documentation), after I wait the client connection (in an unlimited
> >cycle), and I create a new thread (next problem: How I create a new thread
> >without array (I don't want controlling), (Example in java, I create a
> >class from the Thread class and I create a dynamic thread (new
> >thread(parameter))), so I give the socket to the thread (I think I use the
> >constructor), and wait the nex connection (Don't need clear the socket
> >variables, before I waiting the next client?)
> There is a very basic implementation of the TThread class available in the 
> FCL. Maybe it's enough for your program to run the socket functions with. 
> But be carefull with other things as the RTL itself isn't multithreaded 
> aware yet.

And neither are syscalls. So even if you try to use the unit Unix/Linux
directly, it won't work.

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