[fpc-pascal]Thread + Inet

Andrey Kubyshev email at vtc.ru
Thu Jan 4 20:24:04 CET 2001

Hello boci,

Wednesday, January 03, 2001, 9:53:11 PM, you wrote:

boci> Halley,
boci> I have a little problem. I want to write a multithreaded server.
boci> So I create a server socket (So I try, but I not found some
boci> documentation), after I wait the client connection (in an unlimited
boci> cycle), and I create a new thread (next problem: How I create a new thread
boci> without array (I don't want controlling), (Example in java, I create a
I think you cannot write stable multithreaded server for linux
platform with current version of FPC. I spend a lot of time on it but
it crashes sometimes anyway. I even used c memory manager and pthread

Best regards,
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