[fpc-pascal]fp ide linux : some problems

Patrice DUMAS patrice at binaris.org
Wed Jan 3 20:51:10 CET 2001

I have found several problems with FP IDE Linux:

1)  problem with FRENCH keyboard fr-latin1

Before launching FP, the keybord works fine on the console with fr-latin1.
Launching FP and after fr-latin1 doesn't work fine (in fp and after
quitting fp)

2) Uppercase FileName

A filename with uppercase characters provokes error during compiling
from FP IDE
(no problem if I use directly ppc386)

3) Environnement options

if I do Alt+K (shortcut for OK) => runtime error
(perhaps related to the fr-latin1 problem)

4) TAB Value

I change the TAB value (environnement options), and after save fp.ini,
the new TAB value is only changed after relaunching fp.

Sorry for my poor english,


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