[fpc-pascal]Fatal: Can't find unit SYSWIN32

Thomas Kurz thomas.kurz at gmx.at
Tue Jan 2 10:38:48 CET 2001

I just installed FPC v1.04 full on Win32 (WinNT4SP6a german).

After installing it I was unable to compile the same programs I already
did before. :-(
I always get the Error message:
Fatal: Can't find unit SYSWIN32

Compiling works from the command line, but all Editors refuse to compile
(FP from v1.04, Free Pascal Editor v1.35, FreePascal IDE)

I thought the reason could be that I installed v1.04 over v1.02 with
some snapshots, but also a new installation in a different directory
doesn't solve the problem.

Can anybody help me please?
Do I have to change some directory settings somewhere?
What went wrong?

Thanks, Thomas

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