[fpc-pascal]Free Pascal compiler version 1.0.4 is officially out !

Markus Kaemmerer mk at happyarts.de
Mon Jan 1 23:09:13 CET 2001


because of the main download site ftp.freepascal.org is limited, I
have mirrored the most wanted files to our OpenXP (Open Source Pascal
Project, see www.openxp.de) Fileserver. This server is very fast (8
connections up to 155 MBit) and located in germany.

Here are the file locations

ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/dos104.zip		9.224 kBytes
ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/dos104full.zip		15.607 kBytes
ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/dosw32104full.zip 	22.337 kBytes
ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/fpc-1.0.4-1.i386.rpm 	3.934 kBytes
ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/fpc-1.0.4-1.src.rpm 	5.094 kBytes
ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/fpc-1.0.4.ELF.tar		11.980 kBytes
ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/fpc-1.0.4.freebsd4.tar 	12.590 kBytes
ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/fpc-docs-1.0.4-1.i386.rpm 	2.488 kBytes
ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/fpc-docs-1.0.4-1.src.rpm 	1.564 kBytes
ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/os2104.zip 		8.579 kBytes
ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/os2104full.zip		14.983 kBytes
ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/readme.txt 		11 kBytes
ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/w32104.zip 		10.629 kBytes
ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/w32104full.zip 		17.021 kBytes
ftp.openxp.de/pascal/fpc/whatsnew.txt 		11 kBytes

Here is the list of official mirrors:


Markus Kämmerer
Happy Arts Software, http://www.happyarts.de

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