Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Feb 19 18:54:06 CET 2001

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> The reason I love PalmOS is because it's so simple to use. I've been tempted
> by WinCE in the past, and the PSion Epoc too, but somehow they always seemed
> to have too much baggage. I love that my old Palmpilot Pro is still a viable
> computer.. 3 years after I got it (I've also got a handspring too..) Try saying
> that about most moder PC's in 3 years time!!??!!
> Whilst the OS of this Sharp machine may be brilliant, it will still never beat
> the simplicity that PalmOS brings.. and with a Pascal compiler the possibilities
> are endless!!! Heh, heh, heh ;)

I've a HP48g calculator I still use daily. (about 1 MHz, 32 kb) Bought 7
years ago :-)

And there is a pascal compiler too. (but you need more mem for that)

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