[fpc-pascal]TCP/IP lib

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Mon Feb 19 17:17:59 CET 2001

> Hello,
> I asked this I believe on fpk-develop, with no response, perhaps because
> it was an inappropriate forum?  I will try again here.
> I am developing (in Pure Pascal) a library to Access  common TCP/IP stack
> (called STiK) on Atari computers.  When free Pascal becomes more usable on
> the Atari, I will see that it is compilable under that as well.  What I am
> more interested in for now, though is that I can write an app using this
> TCP Library unit, and compile it also on FPK/Linux.  I have nearly
> completed a low level interface by porting the C bindings for the stack.
> I ambuilding a pascal friendly version on top of that, and next plan an
> OOP layer.  It would be nice if I could make the second two of
> thoseunitsto be compatible with some official or defacto standard TCPIP
> unit included with FPK, so my programs could be compiled out-of-box under
> both PPC/ATARI and FPK/linux.  One example of a program I am developing
> with these libs is an AIM client.  While Atari is more in need of this
> than Linux, it would be nice if I could also compile these programs under
> linux.  In looking though, I didn't see any TCP unit coming with FPK,

There is a sockets unit that contains the most used tcp/ip calls like accept/connect/bind.
An inet unit is available for some other calls

> On an off-note, does anybody know if there is a Sparc code-generator in
> the works?It sucks that I can't use FPK on these Sun boxes ;<

First a generic codegenerator should be build, with this generic codegenerator ready
porting will be easier.

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