Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Mon Feb 19 16:50:14 CET 2001

The reason I love PalmOS is because it's so simple to use. I've been tempted
by WinCE in the past, and the PSion Epoc too, but somehow they always seemed
to have too much baggage. I love that my old Palmpilot Pro is still a viable
computer.. 3 years after I got it (I've also got a handspring too..) Try saying
that about most moder PC's in 3 years time!!??!!

Whilst the OS of this Sharp machine may be brilliant, it will still never beat
the simplicity that PalmOS brings.. and with a Pascal compiler the possibilities
are endless!!! Heh, heh, heh ;)


>On a Related Note, I recently bought a Sharp Zaurus in Japan.  This PDA
>makes the palm look severely anemic.  It uses a Hitachi SH3 processor, and

>runs it's own OS.  Also it can run Linux and GCC.  FPK would be nice to
>have on it, but since we don't even have a working Atari compiler released

>yet, and that has been in development for a while, I know it is pushing
>things to hope for an SH3 code-generator.
>    Noah Silva

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