Noah silva nsilva at sparcy.atariuniverse.com
Mon Feb 19 14:57:35 CET 2001

Interestingly, I program Pascal on the Atari, and have never used HS
Pascal.  I currently use Pure Pascal (liscenced by Borland, so it is of
course very BP Compatible).  Do you know is HS pascal is still for sale?

   Noah Silva

On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Matt Emson wrote:

> It was me, but the project went on hold because of a few reasons:
> 1: Lack of time. I changed role at work, and no longer had a lot of free time.
> 2: I discovered HSPascal (http://hspascal.fihl.net/) and am now involved with
> beta testing this product. HSPascal is developed by a guy who not only knows
> how to write pascal compliers from the ground up, but also knows 68000 assembler
> experience, and has written a 68000 based Pascal compiler for the Atari/Amiga
> before.
> I may pick up Palm FPC at some point, but at the moment it seems pointless,
> given that HSPascal removes my need to do so!! 
> Hope that helps,

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