[fpc-pascal]How to assign a file? Please help

Martin Hankovec Martin.Hankovec at oku-st.cz
Wed Feb 14 17:12:44 CET 2001

>Do you do a recursive search with findfirst in the code that calls the above
>procedure? If so, are all findfirst matched with a findclose?
I think - yes. It is working with Sysutils OK.
I tested my recursive unit for a long time,all allocated memory is freed after end.
I have no idea, why this didn't work.

When I tested the code from Pierre, it works OK. Excuse me, if I'm wrong.
Maybe some "misscompatibility" with my own unit. I take a look at it.

I got this error a long ago too,and must use the Sysutils instead of Dos.
But I don't remember conditions.

I put attention on my dir-seeking unit (but it's stable on 150000 of files,
thousends of dirs and about 6 GB of data, I've tested on our net).

Maybe bad allocation, good idea, I try it found.

Thanks a lot to all who spend their time on my problem. I try to find
more conditions of missbehaviour.

Have a good day
With best greetings
Martin H.

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