[fpc-pascal]Problem using a function as a parameter

Mario Thaten mario at thaten.de
Mon Feb 12 22:53:40 CET 2001

* On 02/12/01 20:53 Michael Van Canneyt (michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be) wrote:

> Change this to 
>    writeln(integral(1,3, at f1));
>    writeln(integral(1,3, at f2));
> Or use the -So command-line parameter for more TP compatibility. 
> Either should work.
> This is probably in the FAQ, and surely in the documentation :-)

I probably must have overread this.

Thanks to Michael!

Yours, Mario

PS: Btw., is there a special reason, why the mailing list server
is overwriting the "Reply-To:"-Header? This has become really
unpopular on many lists. 

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