Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Mon Feb 12 15:17:36 CET 2001

Did the Allegro thread progress anywhere a while back??

I lost all my email recently (my pop3 mailbox apparently became corrupted and
got deleted.. bah!!)

The original post prompted me to look at the Delphi version (got it running
nicely..) I'd be interested to see it running in FPC however because Allegro
is now fairly 'cross platform'. 

My next task will probably be getting it to run with Kylix (when it's available
- of course 8), so I'll let you all know how that goes.. (or not as the case
may be ;)

If I do get the time, I'll give a port a go.. the main thing I could see that
was causing a problem with an initial compilation was the following style of

  XXX = procedure cdecl;
  YYY = function (whatever: integer): boolean cdecl;

As far as I can see, you could declare theis as:

  XXX = procedure; cdecl;

Is that valid syntax in FPC?? Is there any difference?? Seems to work in Delphi
5.0+ anyway.


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