[fpc-pascal]Lost keyboard echo in Linux (using graph)

Sakari Nylund OH1KH nylsak at nic.fi
Mon Feb 12 11:16:18 CET 2001

At least it is nice to hear that problem can be reproduced.

I have tested it with Mandrake 7.2, at my server (RedHat 6.2)
it does not run at all.
Just giving some kind of PCI bus notice. "This macihe uses PCI bus  2
and we support only PCI 1" or something like that, cant remember excatly 
now. It has ATI PC2TV PCI card, At Md 7.2 I have ATI AGP.

Graphics is displayed on virtual terminal #8. Perhaps returning
from that does not go ok.

Hmm. Perhaps it could be worth to download FPC source, too...

73s  Saku

Ilmainen Internet @ http://www.nic.fi/

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