[fpc-pascal]Lost keyboard echo in Linux (using graph)

Ken Wright ken at cncware.com
Sun Feb 11 20:39:46 CET 2001

On Thu, 08 Feb 2001, you wrote:
> On Wed, 07 Feb 2001, you wrote:
> > Hi !
> > 
> > Still back to lost keyboard echo in Linux after FPC-shell & graphics.
> Could you send me all this code so I can have a look at the problem?


After some testing here's what I got. BTW I tested on RedHat 6.2.

1) Using ncrt is no good once graphics mode is initialized. The keyboard goes
away. I don't know how graph is handling keyboard input/output. Maybe this can
be fixed.

2) Using crt, the console does not get restored correctly. Echo is lost and
newline goes away. 

3) If the program is reduced to nothing more than initializing, then closing
graphics mode, including crt in the uses clause causes the condition like 2)
above. Including ncrt in the uses clause, the console restores correctly at
program exit. So there is some trouble between crt and graph.

This isn't a lot of help, but maybe someone who knows graph can assist more. 


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