[fpc-pascal]Re: fp under Windows

Ralf Quint ralf at aztechvision.net
Sat Feb 10 01:26:26 CET 2001

At 11:45 PM 02/09/2001 +0000, you wrote:

> >The only thing that has been "removed" in Windows ME is the ability to
> >start/re-start the computer in plain DOS mode (without a 3rd party 
> hack).....
>As 2000 is the 'future' of 32-bit Windows, 2000 is based on NT, and NT doesn't
>do DOS, except through emulation.. um.. you'll still lose your *DOS* prompt

Well, i doubt that. First of all they changed the name as i mentioned to 
"Command prompt" and if i would gamble, i would make a bet that "console 
mode" will be available even in all future versions too. You even can start 
W2K in a "recovery console mode" which doesn't have a GUI either. And even 
on Linux you still have console access... ;-)))

>at some point. I wouldn't personally touch ME with a bargepole.. I found 98
>bad enough (had to use it quite a bit recently).. NT is definately the way 
Sorry, Matt, but I think this is one of those exaggerated anti-Windows 
attitudes. I use Windows 95SR2/98SE, Windows ME, NT4.0 and W2K every day at 
home and at work and i have only minor problems with ALL of them (and Linux 
too). I get my work done on all of them, and that is what matters (at least 
to me)....


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