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Gabor DEAK JAHN djg at argus.vki.bke.hu
Thu Feb 8 18:03:55 CET 2001

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Dear Friend,

> With regard to the use of free-pascal (fp) under Windows (95 or 98 
> or higher) I wondered whether fp still depends on the presence of a 
> DOS-shell. In the future such DOS-shells will disappear from the 
> Windows Operating system (I have heard that in Windows NT they 
> have already vanished). Will it still be possible to run fp under such 

Has not, I use it all the time on NT.

Besides, not everything that opens an alphanumeric window is a DOS shell or 
a DOS program. Win32 programs can come in two flavors, as both GUI and 
console applications. Console programs (like FPC or the Command Prompt in 
NT) might deceptively look like legacy DOS programs running in a DOS box, 
however, they are not. They are genuine Win32 programs, running in the same 
environment, using the same resources any graphical Win32 program does, just 
happen to use an alphanumeric output. Many programs, including most of the 
network utilities of NT belong to this category, so there is no need and 
reason why this should disappear.


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