[fpc-pascal]Screen contents in linux

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Thu Feb 8 10:11:23 CET 2001

> Le jeu, 08 fév 2001, vous avez ecrit :
> >    I'm trying to do some app in linux that looks kind of like TVision,
> > so I need the screen contents to save the screen & stuff. Has anyone
> > got an idea how might I do this, but not by using /dev/vcsa devices,
> > because I want my app to be usable over telnet too.
> > 
> Under Dos, when i want to save the text screen,
> i made an array like Array[1..4000] Of Byte (80cols*25lines*2
> and I copy the memory adress starting at $B800 into the array.
> I don't know if you can use this method under linux and if it works under
> telnet.
> ...

That is not possible. You need to keep track of the video output yourself and store it in
an own buffer. You can use the video unit for this. Available in the delivered API, and
for the snapshots it's in the RTL itself.

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