[fpc-pascal]Lost keyboard echo in Linux

Sakari Nylund OH1KH nylsak at nic.fi
Thu Feb 8 06:35:11 CET 2001

Hi !

Still back to lost keyboard echo in Linux after FPC-shell & graphics.

I get rid of the problem by change  CRT to nCRT unit in text based 
programs. Altough it was "little" complicated process to install nCrt.
(for some reason compile did not find ncrt, and after next try of install
it complained that ncurses unit was not found(?!).
Finally bored to see those I copied all into same (current) directory with
my source code. That was working)

Sometime few lines of DOC would be nice ;-).  In NCRT.ZIP there are not
so many....about installing OR usage. We are not gurus all of us.
It also seems that there are different places for units depending user...
My FPCs are installed from RPMs and were not directly ok for Makefile
of NCrt. (also I do not have user called "ken", hi :-)  )

Using nCRT with other program that uses GRAPH unit and 640x480x255
terminal mode was not so succesfull.

At end of program keyboard echo was not returned to console
even if nStop and RestoreCrt was used.

Finally clearing all "nSt.." lines and new compile caused effect
where nCRT was causing program chrash every time a key was pressed.
Just change "uses nCrt" to "uses Crt" and new compile without any
furher changes to source caused program to run as expected without

How ever, no keyboard echo after returning from program.

Is there anything else that is needed exept nCrt ?

73s  Saku

Ilmainen Internet @ http://www.nic.fi/

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