[fpc-pascal]Keyboard echo / Linux

Sakari Nylund OH1KH nylsak at nic.fi
Mon Feb 5 08:49:31 CET 2001


I've been away from list for some time. My problem is easy (?!!)
and might have been said here before.
How ever small search did not give any results, so:

If I write a program (Linux, console, non X) where I have gateway
to command to shell using:

Shell( '/bin/sh');
Shell (' su ');

I can get command prompt and any given command is working as
it should BUT ....  there is NO keyboard echo. So everything is
a blind typing altough typed commands are passed through 
system OK. Typing 'exit' will return back to program as should.

Same effect happens if I have program that uses graphic
display (for ex. svga 640x480x256) in console mode. It works
great BUT .... after finishing program and return to system
there is no more keyboard echo, as above.

To get echo back I have to logout system and then log
back in again.

I'm sure there is a way to fix this. And also that it is said
in somewhere in doc:s, but I just can not search it with
right words.

Help, please !

73s  Saku

Ilmainen Internet @ http://www.nic.fi/

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