[fpc-pascal]libc problem!

Cyril LAMY cyril.lamy at esial.uhp-nancy.fr
Fri Feb 2 09:10:27 CET 2001

Le jeu, 01 fév 2001, vous avez ecrit :
> Hello,
> I made some cgi programs using free pascal. it works very fine. but
> now i'm moving to a new server (SuSE 7) and the programs don't work
> anymore (at leat not the one that use mysql). The following error is
> displayed:

All cgis I have written in Freepascal (since version 0.9.x) run
perfectly on my suse 7.0 (but i have to recompile them).
My CGI works with get or post method and calls mysql unit 

I don't think that the problem is due to freepascal/suse 7.0...

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