[fpc-pascal]libc problem!

Udo Giacomozzi ugcm at usa.net
Thu Feb 1 23:29:39 CET 2001


I made some cgi programs using free pascal. it works very fine. but
now i'm moving to a new server (SuSE 7) and the programs don't work
anymore (at leat not the one that use mysql). The following error is

./login: error in loading shared libraries: ./login: undefined symbol: __libc_init

I have searched in the message archive and found some similar threads,
but in my case it does not help to upgrade the fpc compiler (using
snapshot from 21th february.

BUT: On my local machine (SuSE 6.3) and on the older server (SuSE 6.1)
the programs work.
I noticed also that on the new server there is only libc 6:


whereas on the other machines (also my local one) there is libc 4 and 6:

/lib/libc.so.4  (symlink)

I also have read that the compiler detects the libc version. So is the
libc version set at compile time? I alway compile the programs on my
local machine and then upload them to the web server.

Maybe the compiler detects and uses libc v4 and that is not available
on the new server,

What shall I do? I don't like much to change the web servers
configuration (i mean, if it's possible NOT to install other libc

Please help!



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