[fpc-pascal]Odd behavior with Crt unit..

Gene Buckle geneb at deltasoft.com
Fri Dec 7 17:33:38 CET 2001

> BTW. if you search for a better terminal/telnet/ssh, try the 
> program teraterm.
I'm actually really happy with PuTTY.  It's fast, free and does a good job
with ANSI terminal emulation.
> > I still think there is
> > a bug in the CRT unit somewhere (in GetXY?) but this is a good enough fix
> > for me.
> I already mentioned this problem before, but nobody cared. :-(

Maybe it's not that no one card, but the right person didn't see the bug
report.  Hey!  Right PErson!  See this?  Fix it! *laughs*


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