[fpc-pascal]Odd behavior with Crt unit..

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Fri Dec 7 14:33:34 CET 2001

> Is the TERM environment variable set correctly?
> > It was pointed out today that I might want to try "tset ansi" and I'll be
> > damned if that didn't solve the problem entirely.
> No, tset doesn't set the TERM variable.
> If you set that, you don't need tset anymore.
> My TermInfo database has also the entry "ms-vt100". That gives the best
> results for the telnet of Windows.
> BTW. if you search for a better terminal/telnet/ssh, try the 
> program teraterm.

Putty and dtelnet are both capable of showing the FPC IDE. Putty also knows
ssh1 and 2.

For putty set font to terminal, and encoding to "x-windows"

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