[fpc-pascal] setting path variable

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Thu Dec 6 14:50:59 CET 2001

On woensdag, december 5, 2001, at 09:04 , andrew mejia wrote:

> i'm running the win32 ver of this pascal app and am
> not sure how to set the path as mentioned by the
> install program in DOS command-line.  how is this
> achieved..?

Since you are not very comfortable with the command line, I would advise 
against using it. You're better off with an IDE (Integrated Development 
Environment) probably. FPC comes with one (fp.exe, it in the 
pp\bin\win32 directory). There are also third-party ones available, have 
a look at the "links" section on our website.

If you really want to use the command line version of the compiler, edit 
you c:\autoexec.bat file and look for a line containing "PATH=". If 
there is one, add ";c:\pp\bin\win32" to it. If there isn't one, add a 
line containing "PATH=%PATH%;c:\pp\bin\win32".

> i have just installed the software but can't seem to
> run it...

The command line compiler is called ppc386.exe. You run it using

ppc386 filename.pas

where filename.pas is the pascal source file you want to compile. This 
file is a normal textfile and can be created/edited using any "normal" 
text editor (i.e. not by MS Word, but e.g. by NotePad)


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